Thursday, May 31, 2012


I opened up my home email the other morning at 4:30am (yes I actually do get up at that time during the week), only to be greeted by an email from someone who had a Mom cat and 6 kittens who were being given away for free. It was the wording at the bottom of the email that got me.........."Pls call me if you would like one, two or all of them"

Ugh, I HATE it when people refer to animals like appliances or something to be offered up at a garage sale. I quickly shut off my PC and stormed into the bathroom, telling myself the entire way - don't get involved, don't get involved, don't get involved!! But by the time I was ready to leave for work, there I was back at my PC sending a quick email off to the Foster Coordinator at the rescue, asking if there was any chance at all we could help this little family. I didn't hold out much hope given that kitten season is in full swing, but thankfully the answer was yes for the kittens!

I have never seen 6 little fur balls that are cuter than these - but seeing as I'm a total softie for adorable little faces, maybe you'd all like to judge for yourselves. We have yet to name them (we're having trouble keeping them all separate in our heads since the majority of the them look so similar), but I can tell you that they are SWEET and that we have 3 girls and 3 boys. We're an emergency foster space only for these babies, hubby has put his foot down that we cannot have 9 cats in the house (party pooper that he is) - so they'll be moved on shortly, but for now I am lovin' every minute of it.


  1. Good for you. If you are like me, now you can sleep at night. I hate to read ads like that, too. One of the foster moms in our town often scoops them up and I help her re-home them. Blasted people!!! That second photo is adorable.

  2. Those kittens are adorable. Hopefully they will find a good responsible person to look after them for the rest of their lives. What happened to the mother cat? Are there going to be another batch of 'free to good home' kittens later in the summer?

    1. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in convincing Mommmy cat's owner/s of the vital importance of having her spayed. Since our rescue didn't have a foster space available at present that could take an adult cat, our hands were really tied.

      It's so frustrating/upsetting when you see people who have such a blatant disregard for an animal's welfare and for future kittens that are a very real possibility.

    2. The pictures are so adorable; however, I could not agree with you more. Animals are not footballs to be passed around like inanimate objects. It is extremely disheartening that there are sick people in this world who do not want any sort of responsibility. Spaying/neutering is essential and people must be educated in that regard.