Saturday, April 26, 2014


Addy has been here a week today. Wow, how time can make such a huge difference - she's begun settling in nicely although the boys do tend to make her quite nervous. She really hasn't ventured off the upstairs part of the house except to use the litterboxes in the basement, or to explore at night once Rocky and Silly have gone to bed.

She's also determined that she loves my pillow for sleeping on during the day. So sweet except when it becomes time for Rocky to come to bed, since that spot is his and all he has to do is simply lift his head and growl at her and she's gone like a shot, no questions asked. Thank goodness that so far she hasn't tried to challenge him for anything (that would be so bad).

Once again I have a foster that just soaks up all my attention so I'm loving having her here. That said, I just submitted her pictures and write up for the rescue's website; I guess in the hopes that she'll be adopted quickly so that neither her nor I become too attached. It's the only way I can keep doing this work; keep pushing forward, keep saving.


  1. she is beautiful !! she doesn't look a bit like the scared kitty from last week. so happy to hear she has settled in. we are praying that miss addy's forever home is just around the corner ...