Monday, April 7, 2014


I looked down from the dinner table tonight to find Buster displaying all his best bits without even a shred of embarrassement.

Did someone forget to tell this kitty that he's not supposed to be acting this at home, on Day 3 of being here?

He slept with us all night last night. I can tell you already that he snores alot, when he's not snoring he's purring, and when he's not purring, he's talking up a virtual storm!

Buster gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, PERSONALITY PLUS!!


  1. what a ham !!! great pic of Buster...hopefully his forever home is right around the corner.

  2. He is a cat and that is that :) Good for you Buster, you take right over.

  3. Someone must have loved him a lot at some point in his life to feel so comfortable with people. He sounds like a sweetheart!

    the critters in the cottages xo