Sunday, April 6, 2014


Buster spent pretty much all of yesterday either beside me, on my lap, or on my chest, and seems to have decided that our bed (much to Rocky's chagrin) is the perfect place to situate himself while he becomes acquainted with us. He's giving Rocky a very wide wide infact that he's pretty much staying upstairs and Rocky is staying down.

I wasn't quite sure how last night would go, given that Rocky's routine is to sleep above my head on an extra pillow (and heaven help any cat who tries to mess with that). Just about the time I was ready to fall asleep, Buster had nestled himself between hubby and I and then I heard the limping footsteps - Rocky is heavy on his front feet due to his cerbral hypdisplasia. He was already growling by the time he reached the threshold of our room, so instead of waiting for things to escalate, I simply scooped him up, placed him on his pillow and laid back down; somewhat holding my breath waiting for the dreaded freak attack.

Thankfully all was quiet once Rocky realized his spot wasn't being messed with. Don't get me wrong, he's not happy that Buster is in our room, let alone on our bed, but his attitude is the typical one of: as long as you keep that thing away from me.........
However, Rocky was off the bed early this morning, did not return for his normal snuggles and cuddles, and can now be found on the back of our couch looking totally ticked.

I think for tomorrow it might be a good idea to put Buster away in his guest room while we're at work.

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  1. Buster sure takes a beautiful photo. Wise decision in having Buster stay in the guest room while you are at work; good to hear that your little "oreo" is a real snugglepuss.