Friday, May 2, 2014


We haven't had a female foster since Flossy who was with us for a total of 14 months (hard to believe). So I wasn't sure what to expect with Miss Addy and how her and I would get along (you know sometimes two women in the house can be one too many!).

It's unfolded without my even really realizing it, but it would appear that Addy has taken a liking to me imparticular. She's still quite nervous and unsure of her surroundings, isn't thrilled with the "co-ed" arrangement that being with Silly & Rocky offers, and I think it would be fair to say, is still pretty shy when it comes to exploring, but all that said; she also appears to prefer the company of other ladies to anyone of the male persuasion. I suspect her previous owner may have been an elderly woman and that Addy pretty much ran the house, as she does have quite the independant mind and appears to be fairly set on what she wants AND used to getting it.

She LOVES to be paid attention to and is slowly but surely discovering the outside which includes birds and squirrels which just fascinate her. Our home backs onto a park that has an elementary school at the one end and sometimes at recess the kids make their way down to our end of the park to play - I actually caught Miss Addy growling at them earlier so note to self; no small kids in future forever home, check.


  1. Well hello Addy. I hope you find your furever home quickly :)

  2. My foster cat from Georgina AC is also leery of the co-ed arrangement, but improves (and hisses with a few round swats thrown in less often) every day! Have you tried playing with a wand toy or catnip mouse? That could make her happier and more comfortable in her surroundings. Some foster cats haven't played in to long - it's amazing how they rebound when given attention. She deserves the best possible home.what a sweetie.