Saturday, May 17, 2014


Addy continues to make progress. Last night the whole family was in the livingroom for about 3 hours and she stayed with us the entire time, choosing to fall asleep sprawled out on one of the diningroom chairs. She's spending more and more time downstairs, comes to both Steve and I now for petting and chin scratching (which she loves), and although she does still bolt and growl at the sounds of loud noises; she isn't seemingly as terrified at every sound.

There haven't been any adoption calls for her as of yet but I knew that her age would play a factor in that. That said, she's got the energy and feistyness of a cat half her age so anyone under the impression that they'd be adopting a senior kitty would be sadly mistaken!


  1. all in good time; we continue to pray that lovely Addy's best forever home is just arund the corner. she is sure finally settling in nicely !