Friday, May 2, 2014


I suspected I was beginning the onslaught of old age, what with the grey strands, sagging everything, and attention span problems but now I know it's happening!

My last post on Miss Addy indicated we hadn't fostered a female since Flossy but uh, hello, earth to self, actually who could have ever forgotten beautiful little Sable (who went on to become Prem)!!!!

Profuse apologies to Prem's Mom - if infact you visit this blog, and apologies to Prem herself; yes you were a darling and yes I did enjoy your company.

I think it's case of too many cats and the senior years (which are mine).


  1. hi LM-wasn't Carmel (or Caramel) a little girl ?? she was adopted by a lovely couple from Mississauga ... as for your senior moments,don't worry, you're far too young for a senior moment ... it's called having a lot on one's plate !! Addy is so sweet, she looks so cozy and settled !

  2. Yes Anonymous your absolutely correct - there was beautiful Caramel as well; now I'm doubly embarrassed about forgetting her too and the amazing couple that adopted her! Maybe this is a sign that it's time to pack it in *L*

  3. oh geez, don't ever pack it in !! too many kitties need you ... we all have our moments !