Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Well I can say one thing with total confidance; noone from Ford Modelling Agency is going to be calling Magnum nor I anytime soon looking for models or photographers. He and I have just spent the better part of 45 minutes on a photo shoot in my livingroom and I'm not sure who it was more painful for!!

Just the other day one of the other cat blogs I've begun following, wrote about all the horrible pics that us as parents (foster or otherwise), make our dearly loved fur friends endure while we try to find the right pose, the right lighting, and dare I even say it, the right expression. Well if I thought my previous shots were bad, tonight's were downright pathetic. Good pictures of your foster kitty are a MUST for the rescue's website, because ultimately this is a potential adopters first introduction and impression of this cat, and those photos had better be good in order to lead that person/s to the next step, which is making that phone call to express interest in meeting him/her.

So as a foster parent volunteering in a rescue with no shelter and thus relying totally on the website to showcase (perhaps not the best word) your rescued kitty, there's a tad bit of pressure to make magic. This is where I will admit that tonight I'm sure both my husband, Magnum and my two other cats are completely convinced that I have lost the plot...........I must have clicked that shutter at least 30 times and all the while I was whistling, calling, moving, and bending to try and get that "perfect" picture! At one point I even had the nerve to say to my husband, "Can you please just make him do what I want"!?

That's when I knew I'd better hurry up and get this over with - for all our sakes! *Fingers crossed that these pics are the right stuff*


  1. gorgeous pics ... all of them ... you really are an Annie Liebovitz !

  2. Don't ask the woman here to do it, she's crap at taking our picture.

  3. Great pics! Getting a decent pic of a black cat is especially difficult in my experience! The hammock you admired was made years ago by me!

    Malou is not part siamese; she, Levon and Esme are devon rex cats. Mitalee is a selkirk rex and Leo is a big ole domestic cat! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. LOVE that ear!! Black cats are hard to photograph as we're sure you know. We think you did a swell job here! Purrs...

  5. getting photos of black cats is not easy..lighting is key, and a decent backdrop helps. Getting in closer might also help. If your camera won't allow you to get in too close, maybe some editing software will allow you to crop the photo to eliminate some of the business in the background that is distracting. I use Irfanview Very simple editing software, cropping/resizing.. that being said I really like the second and third images.. A little cropping would totally change the feel of the image and I think you'd like it a lot better.

  6. The nice thing about a digital camera is you can take a dozen photos, and toss most of them out without pain, cause tossing them costs basically nothing.

    If you look around on the web, there are lots of "how to take a great photo of your cat" type pages running around. Skeezix's pawrewnts had a post or two about that, too, we think.

    We would like to second IrfanView or something similar to crop, rotate and generally 'tweak' photos. Makes getting a good shot a whole lot easier.

  7. Your photos look great. They show beautiful shiny coat and pretty eyes very well :-)

  8. I sue the free program Picasa for photo editing.

    Other things to try:

    use the setting on your camera that takes N shots per shutter click if the cat moves

    take a movie and examine it and save frames you like

    These days a camera with these features is pretty inexpensive.