Wednesday, July 17, 2013


We picked up Magnum from the vet last night and I'm delighted (and so relieved), to report that his two teeth extractions went off without any issues at all! It was also determined that his remaining teeth are in great condition (an added bonus), AND that he's approximately 5 years old..........(that's a HUGE YAY potential adoption wise).

He's on soft food for the next little while since his mouth will be abit tender, and has some antibiotics and pain meds for the next little while as well. The only downside in all of this is that we've discovered this morning that Magnum HATES to be pilled. I mean the growling, spitting, swatting type of hate.........a complete 360 degree turn from the normally, big, lovable, easygoing sweetheart he is as a rule.

We made several attempts at pilling him ourselves, my husband normally has no problem doing it solo with either our own boys or previous fosters, but after about 10 minutes of listening to him and Magnum literally wrestling, I decided perhaps the female touch was required. Oh how wrong I holding Magnum only seemed to exasperate the situation! So then we tried putting the one pill in his wet food, which would have worked great except he ate around it. I then crushed it up and put it back in but he decided he wasn't all that hungry afterall........rrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh.

So, we had to leave for work. With both of us exhausted and frustrated, out we went with everyone without food for the day. We're hoping that by the time we get home later today, they will all be starving (including Magnum!), and he won't much care what he's gotta swallow med wise to get abit of food in his belly!.

Did I mention he's a big boy (tips the scales at 14 pounds), so perhaps I need to lift a few weights at lunch today to prepare for tonight???????


  1. that is good news....and no help on the pilling front - maybe try wrapping him in a towel? (at least for your safety) :)

  2. Oh boy, I know how you feel! My Star is a tough one to pill and she fights tooth and claw, it takes both of us! But the easiest way for us to pill her is to put it in gooseliver/braunschwiger. The strong smell obscures any pill smell and she LOVES it and practically swallows it whole! I put the pill in one bit and give her several bits, then when she's done with those, I'll give her a few more just so she always knows if she finishes she gets more so she wont skip the pill one if she happens to smell anything. If it's a big pill I put cut it up and put it in two or three bits. If it's a capsule, I'll open it and dump it in a bit of canned food then give her more when she's eaten the teaspoon or tablespoon with the pill. She's pretty much trained to know that treats come in at least two batches if she finishes.
    Leo won't eat any kind of treat or human food so he gets held by daddy and pilled by mommy. He's so strong! If it's a capsule it goes in a bit of canned food on top of more canned food or gets more canned food after he eats the pilled stuff.
    Good luck and I hope you get him pilled!

  3. Thanks so much for the excellent tips on pilling Magnum.....we're going to try the pill pockets first (completely forgot about them since it's been so long since a foster gave us this much trouble), and then will resort to the towel if that doesn't work!!

  4. OMC are you ever a sweet heart! I am glad that your tooth stuff went off alright and you are now back at home. Hope you are feeling better. Hey do you know that there is a Tabby Cat Club? We would love to have you join up. Check out our club and send me an email if you are interested. The email address is up at the club.

    Also, I want to thank you for your kind words when sweet Olive ran off to the bridge. It meant so much to our family and helped us through our difficult time.

  5. Thanks for stopping by our Fuzzy Tales blog!

    Good luck with Magnum. I confess to not being good at pilling a cat, having little experience. I used transdermal methimazole with my angel Annie, for her hyper-t, because even three different vets couldn't pill her and I wasn't going to do it. LOL. I've crushed pills, syringed meds in, but pilling is intimidating. I hope the tips from Andrea help.

    BTW, we're in Kingston. Probably a few degrees cooler than you are, but when it's around 40C+ with the humidex, hot is hot.

    Oh, and someone, just a few days ago, sent me a link to a brief YouTube video on how to immobilize a cat. They used a binder clip on the cat's neck, effectively scruffing it. That might be too much for Magnus, I don't know.

    The video is here, though:

  6. Sorry, meant "Magnum" at the end, not "Magnus." Duh. Blame it on being heat sick...or middle age. :-)

  7. We're glad that the extractions went well and we hope Magnum takes his pills!

  8. Well, if those a pain pills, our suggestion is let'em go. Magnum doesn't seem to be hurting very much. (he seems to more of a carrier or dispenser, actually)

    Otherwise, all we can offer is "Good Luck". People have already suggested about everything we could offer.

  9. it might not be the pilling that he objects to but the pain where the teeth were removed might be aggravated when you touch him to pill him..