Monday, July 15, 2013


There's alot of not nice stuff in rescue work. I don't write about it much here because most of it is just plain ugly and I don't want to revisit that type of garbage on a regular basis. If you're in rescue, you most likely know exactly what I'm referring to and it doesn't always centre around the cats themselves. In the last couple of weeks, there's been some unpleasant, the kind that makes the bile rise in the back of my throat and has me thinking some very unkind thoughts. Remember the Gong Show? - was on in the late 70's I think, where people came on with said talent, stood before a panel of 3 celebrity judges and were either embraced or gonged off? Well the issues I've come up against in recent days have me wanting to use that big huge pallet to gong "stuff" into oblivion - enough said.

As a result, I've had my share of moments in the years since we started doing this work where I've thought seriously about throwing in the towel. But it always seems that just when I'm giving it the most serious of consideration, is also the exact moment when I'll meet yet another really lovely adopter, or fellow rescue volunteer, or I'll have the chance to be involved in rescuing yet another incredible kitty, OR someone will share a really great rescue story with me and voila, I let that thought go and soldier on.

I was sent these pics today by some of those lovely adopters I make frequent mention of. People who truly are angels here on earth for opening up their homes to cats that were really in need:

Americus - Our Florida Miracle Kitten


Remember Amerius? A teeney, weeney kitten about the age of 2 weeks when discovered by former adopters of ours on a skid of mulch at the local Walmart in Florida, while they were vacationing at their winter home?

Elliott (aka Fergus) w/His New Canine Brother Harley


And there's Fergus, now named Elliott of the "Fergus/Fonzie duo who both found themselves brought in from the mean streets for TNRing (separetly), became instant friends and then were lovingly adopted by a couple who have two dogs. I put out a plea for them a couple of weeks ago and now here we are two weeks their new home with their new friends.

The Whole Gang Together!!

These (and countless others), make me VERY GLAD that I haven't quit. That I haven't allowed the unpleasant side of this work, (which unfortunately I know will always be there), win. These stories are what keep me going and I hope they put smiles on your faces like they did on mine.


  1. Our problem is we'd probably wanna keep all those kitties, and that is just undoable, especially right now.

    Dad just found out one of Little Mama's litter from last fall has a stash of kittens hidden in the utility room. Which explains why the Callie Cat keeps sneaking in the door.

  2. what a great picture !!! Memories like this are priceless.

  3. The follow up stories really must make you feel fantastic.

    I've not ever fostered, not sure I'd be good at it, emotionally (and in any case I'm gone 10 or so hours on weekdays for work, not home to attend to anyone's needs), but I'd always adopt. Angels Chumley and Annie were adopted 12 years ago from our local humane society, and both Nicki and Derry came from the Gananoque shelter.

    BTW, I'm not sure I could handle the politics and egos of the humans in any given rescue group, either, so kudos to you on *that* score as well.

  4. It is why I follow cat blogs. I'm not a fan of personifying cats - some do it cute and others are just.. well.. too much (FOR ME!) but seeing cats in homes, loved, photographed, put on the web, catered to, loved, adored, and loved.. it makes it easier to remember that not everyone out there should be... well gonged..