Friday, July 26, 2013


Magnum had his follow up vet appointment this afternoon after his extractions last week and the vet has reported that his mouth is healing wonderfully!

That's double the great news since we were unable to get any more meds in after Day #3 of being home from the initial surgery.   I want to thank everyone for their terrific suggestions on how to get those antibiotics into him; in the end nothing was working so we decided to just see how it went.  He went back to eating the hard kibble at his own insistence, didn't seem to be having any problems chewing, and there was no odour from his mouth (I checked frequently - brave me), so we figured that since the follow up was just in a few days, we'd let nature take it's course and see what happened.

My husband reported that when the vet went to open Magnum's mouth to check on everything, Magnum fought tooth and nail.  Kind of made me feel better to know that his behaviour with us wasn't just about our technique!

Great start to the weekend!!!


  1. Purring for Magnum to make a full recovery!
    I frequently open my kitties mouths to get them used to having them opened. Thankfully, none of them react like Magnum! ;)

  2. Awwww we are so happy to meet feisty and fabulous Magnum!! What a handsome chap!! Awwww we hope he continues to get better and we hope the pilling has gotten easier to do (fingers and paws crossed!) Take care
    p.s. awwww Charlie and Demon respect each other's space now! LOL!

  3. What wonderful news for all of you. Especially Magnum. No more pills.

  4. It's great Magnum is doing well after teeth extractions. One of my boys had two of his teeth extracted when he was much younger. Has no problem eating :-) I hope he makes full recovery quickly!