Monday, July 8, 2013


Did you know that black cats are more likely to be euthanized first in shelters, last to be adopted, AND carry with them the stigma that somehow they are either unfriendly or bad luck?  Did you know that an older black cat coming into the shelter system has even less of a chance of making it out alive?

Everything above is fact with the exception of the part regarding them being unfriendly or bad luck.................that, as many an English Granny would say, is just poppycock!

Magnum I would hazard a strong guess, has absolutely no idea just close he came to not "making it".   He doesn't and never will, but I do, and so do countless other rescue volunteers the world over.  That is why my heart swells even more when I see him already so happy and content..................some would say it makes for a great story, but in this instance, it makes for even better reality.

Magnum & Silly - Napping Together


  1. I once swore I would never adopt another black cat (years before I got into rescue) because it was near impossible for me to get a good photo of the one I had. Once I learned how to get a good photo of him, I quickly abandoned that idea..

  2. I love this picture and Magnum looks like a very sweet boy.