Thursday, July 18, 2013


We got some great suggestions (thanks everyone!!), of ways in which to get around Magnum's hostility of being pilled. We arrived home last night from work with arsenal's in hand........a big blanket, pill pockets and REALLY yummy wet food. We did not wish a repeat of Evil Magnum that we were introduced to yesterday morning - this isn't him actually, but you get the idea.

Pill pockets were up first. He loved them.......except that he decided that the ones without the pills were far yummier than the ones with. We tried that twice, 2nd attempt went much like the first; he was thoroughly enjoying snacking on them but he was not going to be fooled into eating the ones with the pills in them.

Next up, we tried wrapping him in the large blanket tightly in order that we could keep his feet out of the issue, and hopefully quickly pry open his mouth to drop pills in lightening fast. Again, twice we tried and twice, believe it or not, he broke out of the blanket (or at least one of his front paws did), both times he swatted the pill right out of my hand and clear across the room!

So we opted for the last resort. Crushed the pills down to powder in wet food and presented as a very tasty treat. He ate every last morsel :))

In hindsight I don't think it was Magnum making this a difficult situation at all - rather it was US creating issues where there didn't need to be any. In the end, he kind of looked up at me after eating as if to say, "You should have went that way to start".

64 fosters or so later, and I'm still learning......gotta love it.


  1. Oh giving medication to cats - not fun! LOL! I cringe when I have to.
    But I'm glad kitty is taking his!
    Happy weekend to you!

    1. Yes we too are VERY glad to have discovered Magnum's preferred method of taking his meds! *L*

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. We're glad one of the options worked! Me and Zoey usually eat the pill pockets, but Wally is like Magnum...he'd rather eat the no-pill pocket ones! :)


  3. When I use pill pockets, I break it apart and mold the dough around the pill so it isn't nearly as big. the smaller size encourages swallowing with out chewing, and thus preventing kitties from being the wiser.

    If you have a pill that is particularly foul tasting being very careful to touch the pill as little as possible as you wrap it up will keep the taste from being detected.

    but if mashing it up in food works, than I say go with that :)

    (I'm really bothered that for some reason my reader wasn't showing your posts. I could have SWORN I was following you.. now I've got to go back and catch up!)

  4. MOL! Way to go Magnum. Sometimes these humans take a bit of training.

  5. We're with The Paw's -- once Magnum gets you beans trained, things should go smoother next time.

  6. I too have found that crushed pills in something tasty helps. I generally use a pate sort of Fancy Feast: the pill fragments are almost dissolved in it. But then, you get the medicine that can be smelled distinctly from the food. Sigh.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. Now that I've found yours, I'll read back and catch up on what I've missed. Other Canadians on my blog-roll are Kitty Korner (Saskatchewan), cat's Cats (Toronto) and Fuzzy Tales (somewhere in Ontario). I think we like our cats in Canada.

  7. Bonjour!

    Thanks for dropping by :)
    We had a foster , Tulip , (who ended up staying with us for almost four years before she died a few months ago, who had a thyroid condition. We crushed her pills in yummy wet food for years and she always took it that way. It works and makes things far easier!

    the critters in the cottage xo