Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today, someone who knows of the foster work that we do, approached me earlier  enquiring about who our latest houseguest might be.   Much like a new Mom, I began gushing about Magnum............about how sweet he is, how easily he has adapted to our home, our easygoing in nature he is, and how affectionate he's been right from the moment he arrived. 

This individual has never adopted a kitty from us, but they have been expressing interest for some time and have said previously that they'd keep in touch with me in the event that they were finally ready to commit, and hopefully we were fostering just the cat for them.  Well after asking me about Magnum, and seeming to be overly interested, as I had previously, I instructed them to visit my blog to check out pictures of him that have been recently shared.  A little later on in the day, this person emailed me with this comment, "He looks like a big, sweet bear but that deformed ear is really kind of gross."

When I explained that that deformed ear was actually the result of Magnum's being left in frigid winter temperatures for long durations of time, the response was "Oh I see, well that's too bad but I still think it's gross and I couldn't stand the thought of accidentally touching it or having to look at it."

I sat back in my chair at the office and thought, really?.  I chose not to respond any further (I didn't trust myself to say anything that even resembled polite), but note to self:  NEVER will this person adopt a foster cat of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also said a silent thanks that this person has never been ready to commit in the past - and may it stay that way.


  1. Sheesh! We can't believe how insensitive some humans can be. That ear gives Magnum character!

  2. Oh my goodness. What an unpleasant person. I'm glad you aren't going to let this person adopt any of your fosters.
    I actually typed out what I thought of the person but since this is a family friendly blog, I decided against posting it. ;)

  3. Wanted to get back to you about donating for sweet Ernest. My human sister has figured things out. Here is what you can do: We have had a few friends ask us how they can donate to Ernest's fund without using Paypal.

    Please follow these directions, per the Humane Shelter of Indianapolis.

    Checks can also be dropped off or mailed to the shelter with the animal's name (Ernest) written in the check's memo field:

    Humane Shelter of Indianapolis

    For: Ernest

    7929 N. Michigan Rd.

    Indianapolis, IN 46268.

    To donate on-line, please go to:

    Please send an email to shelterpetsindy@gmail with your donation amount so that we can keep track of the amount of money raised, and be sure to include your name in the email so that we can properly thank you.
    For all who have donated or will donate, we thank you from the bottom our hearts. With just a few more donations, we can meet Ernest's needed amount. Please consider a small donation to help out this brave, little kitty. The sooner he gets his operation, the sooner he will be placed up for adoption and the sooner he will find his forever home.

  4. Thanks for your help for sweet Ernest in memory of my niece Olive.

  5. LM - Ignorance is bliss ... Magnum is a handsome sweet boy ... there are no words for insensitivity and plain ignorance.