Sunday, January 13, 2013


One of the questions I'm asked continually by friends, acquaintances and potential adopters alike is, how do you make it work at your house with your own cats when you bring in a new foster - isn't there fighting, jealousy, bloodshed?

The simple answer is yes and no (well at least to the first two.......I'm delighted and relieved to report that there has NEVER been any bloodshed at my house) and Flossy is somewhere in the neighbourhood of our 59th or 60th foster since we embarked on this foster parent journey close to 11 years ago now.

Our experience has been that cats are much like people. They have their likes and their dislikes, their good days and there "not so good" days, and they love and irritate one another regularly, all of it just like we humans do. Except for one or perhaps two instances since we began fostering, I can honestly say that anyone we have brought into the Safe Haven, has eventually found their place among our two boys - and they have learned to co-exist.

Case in point.......this next photo; taken just moments ago. Flossy and Silly have just finished playing downstairs, only to both follow me up to our home office and proceed to find their way onto my desk as I set about to do a little work. What 5 minutes ago was friendly and fun, has turned into abit more territorial as they both vie for my attention, and posture to see whose going to end up in the infamous cat bed.

I'll let you guess who won. :))


  1. very sweet ! Did Flossy end up the winner of the infamous cat bed ?

  2. As a matter of fact, Flossy did end up the winner (at least for that round)......much to Silly's displeasure!