Tuesday, January 15, 2013


**Update On Garage Kitty**

My husband told me last night that the garage kitty was VERY upset yesterday. Pacing around, meowing constantly, and seeming very unsettled. When he asked one of the other workers what was up with him; the worker replied that he thought some of the other guys had had to move his bed and feeding dishes to another area of the garage due to some work that was going to get underway; and he'd been acting like that all day.

Well it's obvious that this cat (like most), does not appreciate the disruption to his home and is letting everyone know about it! He even turned his nose up at the treats my husband had taken to work to feed him.............seems at present as though no amount of spoiling can appease him and I can't say I blame him!!

They are going to see today if his things can be moved back soon in the hopes of settling his ruffled feathers - my hubby is going to look into it personally. :)) I think this cat has found himself another guardian angel.

Oh and btw, he is neutered; having turned up that way - obviously another abandoned kitty in our midst :(

PS: I hope for new pictures of him shortly to share but the lighting is very bad at this location which makes getting good quality ones abit more difficult - stay tuned.

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  1. "Garage Kitty" is so fortunate to have your husband and a great group of people who love and care for him ... we are really looking forward to the next chapter !