Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Very early on in my getting ready this morning, I laid down Flossy's towel and invited her to join me (as she usually does), in what has become one of her favourite spots. I'm not sure if she was being finicky or just picky, but she was a little slow in getting there, so Silly decided he'd get up and make himself comfortable.

Well low and behold, that's all it took. Next thing I know Flossy has hopped up and squeezed herself onto the very last little piece of towel left; and Silly's ears and facial expression were enough to make me want to laugh out loud (he was so ticked off!). Then to add insult to injury, if Baby Girl doesn't then decide to reach over and give him a little lick (he hates it when she tries to groom him).............of course I knew better than to think she was trying to make friends - she's wise enough to know from all the head swats she's taken, that he hates to be groomed by her and this was her subtle way (or not) of trying to make him get down so she could have the whole spot to herself!

Once again the peaceful moment hung in the air, dangling by a very thin whisker. In the end Silly forfeited, but I'm sure not before he muttered to himself about how her forever home can't come soon enough! *LOL*


  1. Silly does indeed look put out ... where is Rocky when all of this was happening ? Does he still distance himself from everyone ?

  2. Rocky is a total alpha male and as such, he is the KING that surveys the scene from his throne and noone messes with him. He lounges, eats and bosses Silly and Flossy around (and not necessairily in that order!) *L*