Friday, January 11, 2013


No matter how many posts I post, or how often I speak about it, there are truly no words that could accurately convey the beauty and delight that is Flossy.

I've written before about just how long it took for her to begin emerging from that shell which she'd created in order to protect herself from the horrors she endured while living outside; but if all the months leading up to now were emerging, than I would have to call now her blossom, because that's just what she's done.

She not only LOVES to lay across our laps now, purring so loudly she practically vibrates!, but she seeks us out constantly for love and affection, and is truly her happiest and most content when she's with us. To see her come trotting down the hall with her bowa like tail high in the air, and her green emerald eyes lit up like little diamonds, to greet us after we come home, is so heartwarming. And then there is her morning ritual perch herself on the toilet seat (after I've laid down a fluffy towel for her highness) while I ready myself for work; purring so loudly, and kneading her paws in the air, gazing up at me lovingly as if there is truly nothing better - and I have to ask myself if this is what kitty heaven looks like on this side of the veil.

My wish is that every kitty could know such contentment.

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