Saturday, January 19, 2013


I'm writing tonight about the frustration I feel toward the people who overlook Flossy (and other kitties like her - sometimes labelled "Special Needs"), because of the fears and apprehensions they have toward adopting a kitty that they see as being too expensive.

I fully realize that the biggest factor in Flossy having been in foster care for the past 15 months is due largely in part to the fact that she suffers from food allergies and thus, must have allergen free food that can be deemed by some to be too costly to take on as a responsibility.

Don't misunderstand.........I fully respect a person/s right to deem what is acceptable for them in terms of the responsiblity they can assume when adopting; and I appreciate the forthrightness with which they state their position. But what I don't understand and find very difficult to appreciate, is when potential adopters (upon learning of Flossy's condition), will share with me the fact that they won't consider her for adoption because, in their words, "They wish to seek out a cat without any medical conditions who is perfectly healthy and will cost them less money in the long run."

What I want to say to these same people (and never have - up until now), is that that seemingly "perfect" or "healthy" cat you prefer to adopt from your local humane society, rescue group, pet store, or via an online ad, may present as perfect as perfect can be upon meeting, and even upon taking home, but because it is a living, breathing, creature, it like us humans, can become sick or be diagnosed with a "condition" at any time - today, tomorrow, next week or next year.

The health of a person or animal is never guaranteed, ever. Things can change in a heartbeat and while you may think that you are securing something by overlooking or passing by rescued animals that already present with some type of imperfection, in reality all you are really doing is searching out that which can never really be attained.

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  1. I hope the right person comes along soon for Flossy. I know what you mean. Most people want 'the perfect cat'. Personality-wise, health-wise and so on. I've seen people pass over a cat that has a cold because they don't want to deal with any illness. Anyway, there is someone out there who will see her as a beautiful, loving cat and they will fall head-over-heels for her.