Friday, January 6, 2012


I know that I've provided update photos of Flossy as we've gone along since her arriving to stay with us; but no matter how many shots I take in a day or in a week (and believe me there are quite afew!), I never seem to be completely happy with the end result. The ironic thing is that I've caught her in hundreds of countless poses that she looks great in throughout her time here - especially in recent weeks as she's really begun to feel loads better, but it seems without fail that every time I pick up the camera and start shooting, she plays difficult and I'm left with nothing in photographs that I see up close and live!

Sooooooo I'm at it once again today with the ones here. She has become so playful and is really personality plus *a typical little female*, and her confidence is growing by leaps and bounds. The cutest thing about her is her pitiful meow, I have never heard a cat who sounds as though they have laringitis. We conclude that her sound (or lack of one as the case may be), is most likely the result of the infection from her mouth that seeped down her throat and must have affected her vocal cords, because it's nothing but a very strained whisper when she does make it.

I've brushed her in these latest ones - something she absolutely goes crazy for. Now with camera in hand, I head back into Flossy Land to get that "perfect shot" - wish me luck :))


  1. She's so lovely. I have such a 'thing' for the white ones. I just find them breath-taking to look at.

  2. Hi Deb,

    Yes she is lovely and we really love her. Her coat is so incredibly soft - sometimes I just love to sit and pet her (we both enjoy it immensley).

    I've visited your blog - it's amazing! I only wish you lived closer so you could kittysit for us when we travel :)