Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Tonight I'm posting a plea for Archie & Alice, two beautiful, sweet and lovable kitties who have been left homeless after their elderly parent suddenly passed away. The family of their deceased owner decided that they should be euthanized, but thank goodness the vet that they took Archie & Alice to, disagreed, and instead approached Toronto Cat Rescue in the hopes that they could help to find them a home.

Please visit the website below and which will take you directly to TCR's website and also to the profile plea for Archie & Alice that they have posted.


This is a great rescue of wonderful and dedicated volunteers who do great work (we know because we've volunteered with them in the past!), and another example of caring people coming together to aide those who cannot aide themselves. Archie & Alice are currently being housed at the vet office but really deserve and desire a loving forever home..........if you can help or know someone else that can, please don't delay in reaching out to TCR directly to let them know.

Archie & Alice will be forever thankful


  1. I wish them all the luck in the world to find the loving owner they so deserve.

  2. Thank heavens the vet had ethics and refused to euthanize two lovely, healthy cats!!! Those poor darlings are grieving for their owner and now have to deal with being homeless too :-(

    I hope they find a new home soon!!!

  3. they were just adopted this morning!! :)