Saturday, January 7, 2012


Being that I'm also involved with the rescue on a volunteer front (aside from fostering), I handle all of the transportation or "drive" requests that come in. Last night there was a request for a driver to pickup a kitty that had been abandoned in an apartment building and had been left to wander the hallways for the past few days. It wasn't far from our home, so I decided to take this one myself versus trying to find another driver that could assist.

A tenant of the bulding placed the cat in their bathroom overnight and hubby and I went first thing this morning to pick him/her up. We were greeted with a small little dark mackrel looking kitty that was obviously male and obviously very young. As total luck would have it, upon opening the bathroom door, he walked right into the waiting carrier! - thank goodness for perfect timing. :))

We've named him Rufus and he's now safely at the vets office awaiting a physical exam, some vaccinations, and will then be boarded until a decision is reached on the possibility of his coming into foster care.

Kudos to the rescue for answering this call for help - and we're also grateful that we got the chance to be apart of rescuing this little guy. It's a good feeling to know that Rufus's future today looks alot brighter than it did this time yesterday...........


  1. let us know how Rufus is doing !

  2. Bless you for coming to the little mite's rescue.