Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I'm not sure if yesterday's post conveyed just how upset I was about the Petsmart/rescue experience I had had. Quite simply, it ruined my day and had me feeling really low about rescue work, about all the "Gary's" out there and my inability to save them all or to at least make a serious dent in this problem.

Then later on last night, I was working away on rescue stuff and these pictures of Red (who is now the poster boy for the main page of my blog in case anyone is wondering who that gorgeous orange boy is!) came in from his parents.

Some would say I'm sure that my receiving these last night was just a coincidence - and that's fine; but I personally don't believe in coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason. To me, these photos were Heavenly Father's way of bringing me back to the good in rescue and the good work that is being done by countless volunteers the world over, who every day make a huge difference in the lives of cats just like our Red. This was His way of bringing my eye back to the ball if you will, reminding me of what's most important, and I so needed that.

Not every abandoned cat is going to be as lucky as our Red, that's the sad and brutal truth of it. But I have to continue to try and help and to remember that I'm not in this alone - there's a huge army of others who worry and care and try to do their part to help as much as possible, and there's all the animals who ARE being saved - that's the most important part.


  1. Why don't you complain to the pet smart or to the rescue about the woman's callous behaviour? Just because she is the president doesn't mean to say she isn't accountable for her actions.

  2. I did consider speaking to the Manager of the Petsmart but I don't want to do anything to jeopardize the chances for these kitties who are currently there awaiting adoption, to obtain their forever homes.

    The rescue is impossible to reach since this woman is the main contact and I have a very strong feeling that this wouldn't come to them as a complete news flash judging by how the other woman who accompanied her, acted.

  3. You still have a moral obligation to these animals. By your inaction, you are condoning this callous and unacceptable behaviour. Thank God these cats are in a warm environment with food and protection.

  4. Anonymous,

    I have considered at length what is the "right thing to do" in this instance. As indicated previously, I fear that any discussions with the Petsmart store will result in the eviction of the rescue (and thus the kitties being the ones that suffer) and as far as contacting the rescue is concerned, since this President is the main contact - I'm pretty sure she wouldn't welcome my feedback!

    I'm more than happy to discuss this with you further since you seem to have such a strong moral compass - feel free to reach out to me directly if you so choose.

  5. LM-You "fear" ... but you have not tried ... this is all conjecture on your part; you are "assuming" any discussions will result in the eviction of the rescue kitties ... however, you have not even approached the Petsmart manager with your concerns. One does not need to have a face to face meeting in order to effect change. Why not pen a letter or email detailing what you witnessed ? It does not need to have confrontational tone. There are social agencies in place that you can voice your concerns to; you don't need to have your name involved in the least. This "President" seems to operate on fear and intimidation, and it would be pointless and retarded to speak with her. If you feel the slightest concern regarding improper behaviour on this rescue's part by its "President" or volunteer members, I strongly urge you to take action in a low profile manner.