Sunday, January 15, 2012


As you can see, Flossy is continuing to do wonderfully! Just yesterday she got up on the loveseat between Silly and I and curled up in the tighest little ball - all you could hear was the hum of her purr in contentment as she drifted off to sleep. Her stomach issues continue to be a problem but at least with they hypo allergenic food her softer stool is controlled and not explosive in nature (sorry if that's too much information for anyone). :))

Added to this is the additional good news I received yesterday from a fellow cat rescue volunteer that Archie & Alice (the duo featured in my previous post enttiled "Double Darlings") - have been ADOPTED!! I'm so happy for them and bless the person/persons who offered them their forever home.

I personally really relish in the good things happening rescue wise right now since I have some other things happening in other areas of my life that aren't good and I'm struggling to stay positive and upbeat at present............


  1. Flossy has come MILES with your love ... and so happy to hear Archie & Alice finding their forever home too !

  2. what a sweet little girl ! she has come miles with your love and patience.

  3. Hooray for Archie and Alice! They get to stay together forever! Warms my heart! Congratulations to the wonderful adopters. It's only a matter of time before it's Flossy's turn.