Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We opened up Pica's guest room door yesterday to finally see how things would unfold between her and the boys. She's been with us a week tomorrow, and has made huge strides with trust and tolerance so the next natural step was to find out what her acceptance level for other kitties was going to be.

She's done amazingly well. Yesterday, she only ventured out of her guest room to explore the top floor of the house and spent alot of time hissing and growling every time Rocky or Silly ventured into her "safety zone". Today, what a difference............she's explored the whole house, has spent time sunning herself at the front livingroom window, and I even caught her standing right next to Rocky on top of the landing of the stairs. Already the hissing and growling has subsided from yesterday's level, her curiousity is outweighing her fear, and she's much more affectionate!

She has another week before her quarantine status is up so we'll see what types of strides she continues to make. We agree however that once her picture and bio are put on the rescue website, it won't be long before she's adopted - she's just way too cute and way too adorable to not have someone wanting to snatch her up.


  1. We agree! She is fabulicious! That coat! Those eyes! We can't wait to see who will scoop her up! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. What great process in under a week. Someone will offer her a new home quickly.

  3. excellent news !! so happy to hear that Pica has met the boyz and is venturing out of her room ... she is a lovely kitty !