Wednesday, July 2, 2014


We received an adoption call for Cocoa yesterday. A woman enquired on behalf of her senior Mom who recently lost her cat last Fall. The initial conversation last night went well, and this morning this woman accompanied by her daughter came out for a meet n' greet.

My initial concern was that the adoptive Mom was a woman well into her eighties and so the question was raised about what would happen to Cocoa should something happen to her Mom. Well this family assured me that under no circumstances would Cocoa would be placed back in the shelter system; instead this daughter (the woman who came out to meet Cocoa), would assume responsbility for her in the event anything happened to her Mom.

I LOVED this woman and her daughter; they love animals, and Cocoa's forever home (as an only kitty which we know she'll love), sounds absolutely perfect. A pet friendly senior's residence where Cocoa will be showered with lots and lots of attention! Cocoa also was very relaxed, playful and loving during the course of the meet n' greet and helped me to see that this family would be a great fit.

So 3 1/2 weeks after coming into the Safe Haven, this little girl too has found her happily ever after.......

We'll miss you Cocoa girl but we loved having the chance to get to know you.


  1. love happy endings !! congrats to Cocoa on her new wonderful forever home !!

  2. Wonderful! And now they can dote on those huge, Cocoa, saucer eyes! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo