Saturday, March 22, 2014


I haven't decided to take up another language (although I always wish I was infact bilingual). I simply wanted to find another way to mark another kitty leaving us for their happily ever after and I've always found the French phrase for good luck, a nice one.

Yes, Holmes was adopted this afternoon. His new Mom "C" is a lovely woman, one who recognizes the importance of providing kitties with a safe, healthy environment in which to flourish, and also someone who loves them unconditionally all the wile, offering a wonderful home. At first I will admit that I was somewhat skeptical of her interest in Holmes simply because she already has 5 other cats, but upon meeting her, asking a barrage of tough questions (all of which received very sound, make sense answers), and learning that she has obtained a vet who does house visits to limit the stress for her babies, I admit, I was onside.

I guess my reservations stemmed from the fact that he was such an incredible boy who had had something so awful done to him that I once again felt my over protective nature kicking in. But if I'm brutally honest, that same trait seems to kick in with all of them, and I always find myself able to let go.

The truth of it home is just a stop on the road to where they're going.



  1. oh LM-we are so happy Holmes has found his fab forever home...keep us posted as we are anxious to hear how he is getting on with his 5 new mates !

  2. We hope he adapts well to his new home and furblings! We'll keep a look out for an update! He is a beautiful boy :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  3. Happy for Holmes' fresh start after all he's been through. You've had great success with adoptions lately, we've hardly gotten a chance to get to know your last few furbabies! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello everyone. I am the person who had the wonderful privilege of adopting Holmes (now Henry). He is a wonderful, sweet natured boy who just wants to be friends with everyone. Upon bringing him home, I kept him apart from the other kitties while he adapted to the big change. I then after about 2 weeks, introduced him to each cat gradually, one by one. He is settling in well and has even made friends with one of my other kitties. Oddly enough, the only kitty who really has a real problem with him is a dead ringer for LisaMarie's tabby who HATED Henry!! The poor boy has been through so much and it is so heartwarming to see him napping peacefully near the others. He is eating and drinking well. He loves to sleep by the window in the sunshine. I will post photos in the future. Many thanks to LisaMarie for takingsuch good care of him. I love Henry dearly.