Thursday, March 13, 2014


A fellow rescue volunteer summed up our latest foster kitty's journey (who has now been renamed from Mikey to Holmes) in the 10+ days since he's been rescued from the city shelter system perfectly "hell and back". Being dumped at the shelter with his sister at the precious age of between 8 - 10, enduring the stress that comes from that environment, then being separated from your sister, hauled off to a vet's office, going through 6-8 extractions all the while your coming down with a very nasty cold, then off to another strange place, with strange people and other cats, at this point your so sick you can barely lift your head, your being force fed food and a mirage of drugs, then your carted off to yet another strange vet, where your once again enduring IV's, force feedings, and more medicine, to finally feeling...........well MUCH better!

Holmes is back with us tonight, SO happy to be here (he hasn't stopped purring since he arrived), and obviously feeling a tonne better than he did afew days ago when the decision was made to hospitalize him so that fluids, stronger drugs, and a monitoring of his food intake could all be implemented. I can't tell you how relieved we are that he pulled through and that he is still the same, sweet adorable boy we saw so many glimpes of when he first came to stay with us last week.

He's just aching to escape his guest room, but a couple more days of solitude will have to be in order until we are assured that he's well on his way to healing and is no longer contagious. I'm trying to love him as much as possible but Rocky is not happy that Mommy keeps disappearing behind that darn door! This is when I really wish I could clone myself........

Below are new pictures of Holmes that I just took tonight while we were getting re-acquainted. Isn't he just so gorgeous.


  1. oh LM, Holmes is absolutely stunning !! He looks so much more bright eyed too. so happy to hear he is recovering from the earlier trauma. can't wait to hear how the meet n' greet with the boys will go !

  2. may be a long journey, but in this case the destination will be well worth it :)