Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Having "slept on it", I realize in hindsight that my comments in the first part of this blog entry may have seemed insensitive or callous - it wasn't meant to be the case so of course I feel the need to clarify for anyone who may read it and subsequently, feels offended.

One of the most difficult parts of being involved in rescue work no matter what facet of it you are in, is that you cannot help but see the needless suffering of so many that you cannot help, and the irresponsibility of so many people who are a huge factor in the pet overpopulation because they don't spay & neuter their pets AND they don't respect the lives of animals.

That said, I know that there are just as many people who really wish they could help, but for whatever reason they cannot. As in all things, I respect the right to choose, and realize that just because not everyone is involved, doesn't mean that everyone doesn't care.

Rescue work is a very emotional boat - you cannot help but feel a whole host of things as you step into it and become fully immersed. It's rewarding and incredibly fulfilling, but it can also be very painful at times as you see all those who die needlessly because of disregard, lack of caring, and ignorance.

The first part of this entry was typed by the hand of frustration at countless aspects of this situation which cannot and will not be changed overnight. As someone completely passionate about animal welfare and with a deep love for cats, sometimes knowledge is power, and sometimes it's just sad and disheartening.


  1. Hi LM, Don't be disheartened! You do amazing work and help so many cats. I know there are always more in need than we can help but maybe sometimes it's better to forget the big picture for a while and just focus on each small victory. Celebrate one life, one rescue, one day at a time :-)

    PS - I didn't find your words offensive at all!

  2. Thank you Cat for your words of kindness and encouragement!!