Saturday, August 28, 2010


Reading a fellow rescue volunteer's blog, there were comments from a follower who said, "These kitties are so lucky to have you".

We were having company for dinner tonight (former adopters from us actually who have become dear friends), and as I flew through the house doing housework in preparation earlier today, I found myself thinking about the give and take between us and the kitties we've fostered. There's no doubt on the surface it appears to be give and take..........the kitties get shelter and a safe place to call home until they are adopted, and we as a foster parents get to help in saving their little lives.

But then in my usual fashion, I thought about it abit more and dug abit deeper, asking myself the question, if I had to break it down, what percentage would I say is give and what percentage is take? The give here would be 10% in my books and the take, well the take is more like 90%.

As I spent time with Rocky, Silly and Rascal this afternoon, I thought about what they give us in direct corralation to what we give them - there impact our lives is far more significant in my opinion. They trust and love us unconditionally (in most cases), and they help us to be better people as they teach us to respect their unique personalities and characteristics, and to learn little by little something new about each of them individually. For me personally, they always help to show me the art of patience, being easygoing and taking things as they come - if you've every noticed, animals lives are not dictated by clocks and calendars - they enjoy each moment as it comes.

The rewards we receive (which I prefer to refer to as blessings), are so incredible and fostering for us has been not only our utmost pleasure, but each kitty has been an honour to welcome in - there is deep appreciation for the ways these little furbabies enrich our lives.

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  1. yes, they do indeed give us so much more than what we give them, and all of the time too !