Saturday, May 8, 2010


Have I mentioned yet the fact that I'm not a very patient person? Actually, in all honesty, I'm not patient at all. I'm the person at work who you promise something to at the start of the workday, and whose calling you an hour later to see if it might be ready yet............I know, totally annoying.

Well, in this instance my impatience is for sweet Maxwell. Yes, he's still with us and I have to say that I'm finding myself more and more disappointed in people at large because I know as sure as I'm sitting here typing this entry, that the biggest factor in his still being with us is simply because he's a black cat. Would it be too strong if I said that this type of racism in the pet adoption world makes me nuts?!

This beautiful animal, gorgeous in every sense of the word, is still waiting for his forever family to find him simply because the majority of the public do not like the colour of his coat. Call it superstition, call it ridiculous, call it stupidity, but regardless, that's the plain, hard fact of the matter. So, instead of hoping that someone will see Maxwell's profile and "think" about adopting him, the impatient side of me has decided to take matters into my own hands.

I've submitted a new write up and brand new pictures of him for his profile on the rescue's website. I know that the right person is out there for him, it's just a matter of helping them to find him.

If I had it my way, there would be a law instated that demands people adopt the black kitties from shelters and rescue's alike - FIRST! These kitties are just as loving, just as beautiful and just as wonderful as their calico, tabby, white, orange and grey brothers and sisters. They don't deserve to be ignored because their coat colour gives people the wrong impression.................enough already I say!; people need to be educated about having such mindsets - they are pure nonsense.

And there's my first rant on here - all for the best cause ever - and his name is MAXWELL.


  1. I agree about black cats being as beautiful and as loving as other colors.

    Almost a year ago I adopted a year old boy - pitch black with long hair and golden eyes. He is so loving and if his teeth weren't so sharp I'd say he is perfect. However, he thinks I'm a chew toy. He's still beautiful, playful and a lovely purr on him.

    How someone could turn down this beautiful boy is completely incomprehensible to me. He came home with me and immediately tried to ingratiate himself to my old, crabby girl and eventually he let her. He is never so happy as when he can groom her and be groomed in exchange.

    I think I'll keep my little black beauty.

  2. Black cats have always been my favourites! Six of the seven that have "owned" me have been black, and all my future "owners" will be too!