Friday, May 14, 2010


I just captured the above photo this morning. I had to share simply because I'm amazed yet again that Rocky allowed himself to be "boxed in" in a sense, by his two roommates. As a rule, he also has issues with others in his "personal space" but I guess the fact that they were all as nosey as could be about what was going on outside, for a few moments anyway, that fact trumped the realization that in order to have a front row seat, everyone would have to get up close and personal!

What was of such interest was Daddy outside in the backyard, working on putting a new fence in. Sometimes the boys remind me of a group of Supervisors - having to ensure that he gets everything just right. *L*

There still hasn't been any calls of enquiry for Maxwell and I think the only one that is truly bothered by that is me. As you can see for yourself, he's totally settled in............

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