Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hogan has been with us two weeks today and I just finished submitting his bio and pictures to the rescue for posting on the website. Basically I think at this point if you we were able to ask Hogan himself, he would tell you that he can't get out of Dodge fast enough! *L*

He has been a wonderful houseguest...........he just happens to hate having to share his space with others and pretty much is of the mindset that everyone in the animal kingdom should retreat or get out of his way completely. So it's official - he does hate other cats but on the upside, he LOVES people!! Part of our regular routine in the evenings is for him to come in and snuggle beside me while I'm reading right before bed. He still is and will continue to have, controlled exposure to the whole house and our boys. In order to keep everyone stress free and tolerant, Hogan is only given free run of the house when we are home; so afew hours in the morning before work and then again when we get home late afternoon until we go to bed. Otherwise, he spends overnight in his guestroom and all indications are that by the time that hour comes at night, he's very ready to go back to having his own space. It is a juggling act here right now but he is overall a super lovely, sweet and very affectionate boy and we're very confident that he'll be adopted pretty quickly given his age, temperment, and who could overlook that handsome face? His litterbox habits continue to be absolutely perfect, so even though there are other cats around and he's not happy about it, the trick was/is to ensure that his stress level isn't totally excaberated to the point where he feels that the only recourse he has is to act out by having naughty bathroom habits - hence the continued use of his guestroom for much needed privacy and de-stress.

All this said, we will ensure that he goes to a home without other pets and no kids and that anyone taking him understands that down the road, that cannot change for him - he will never be happy with either. Just means that his 2nd chance has to be a forever family that completely understands what they are agreeing to if they wish to take him home.

He is certainly personality plus and is not shy about letting you know exactly what he wants and how he wants it. Gotta love that kind of self confidance. :))

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  1. Hogan is a gorgeous kitty LM ... we pray he finds his fab understanding 4-ever home soon