Sunday, October 23, 2016


Hogan is still with us. Of all those who have enquired about him thus far, not one has made it to the meet n' greet stage. On the one hand we're grateful because we know that means none were the right ones, and yet on the other, we're disappointed because this boy really needs to be on his own in a home and apart of us wishes that could come soon.

Overall Hogan does really well and still his litterbox habits are perfect. We've toyed with the idea of leaving him full house access when we head back to work tomorrow but at last discussion, it was agreed that for his calmness and out of respect for our boys space (and our peace of mind), he'll go back to spending his days during the week in his guest room. No sense pushing that envelope even further than we already are and having any one of a number of bad things take place.

He's a big sweetheart that will be so happy when he has his own space.

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  1. well, he sure is a cutie LM ... we all know that the universe is never wrong ... the right forever home will come at the right time. and u r doing the right thing in not breaking the routine: Hogan needs his space ... and right now, there is a truce amongst all the boyz ... as they say, let sleeping dogs (haha) lie !