Saturday, October 29, 2016


Every day we give thanks that we were able to offer Hogan the refuge of our home and every day I ask the Lord to please help us find his forever family - and not necessairily in that order.

Some days it feels like we're walking on a tight rope around here and we'd be lying if we didn't say it's abit difficult at present. The longer Hogan is with us, the more comfortable he becomes, but in this case it also means that his stress level goes up much easier because he's faced with sharing his space longer than we had hoped. He bit me yesterday (nothing serious), but he was agitated because one of our boys was raising a ruckus and he is really unhappy when they are active; and I didn't watch the signs he gave. His litterbox habits continue to be perfect but every day I wonder how much longer that will hold out; if it will at all? We're really pushing the envelope here when it comes to what he can take, and we can only hope that the right person/s is around the next corner.

In all the fosters we've had, we've only had to move 2 to other foster homes - one had severely attacked me, and the other was really sick and we couldn't offer the care he needed with our working full time. Otherwise, we've been able to make the situation work with every kitty that has come through the front door - sometimes we've wondered how we've done it and right now we're REALLY wondering how we've done it!! So it goes without saying that we would really like Hogan to stay with us until happily ever after finds him.................we'll keep hoping and praying and doing what we can to make things as easy for all as we can - but wherever you are; please hurry *L*


  1. yes, some days are less stressful than others ... we certainly empathize and understand as we have been in similar situations over the years. Hogan needed a time out ... we 2 r praying that the universe send his fab 4-ever home sooner rather than later