Saturday, June 7, 2014


The potential adopter arrived this morning right on time (I personally love punctual people).

What can I say, except that I was smitten with him and his girlfriend who accompanied him, almost instantly. They are a young couple, serious animal lovers, and they were so thrilled with Addy the moment they laid eyes on her! For Addy's part, she was very friendly with them, came down to greet them, even rubbed against her potential new Dad's leg once or twice. He shared pictures of his home (a gorgeous looking loft in the city's west end), and we went over everything related to Miss Addy in fine detail.

If ever there was a meeting that screamed PROCEED - it was this one. I think that our little darling is going to be so well cared for and fussed over (even her new Dad's parents are anxiously awaiting her arrival), and I know that having her own space without the presence of other cats to worry about is going to make her so happy.

We'll keep in touch over the coming days so that I can know she's settling in nicely and all is well; but we are really so very thrilled with this adoption...............oh and Miss Addy just as I had hoped, let me know in her own way that she was more than ready to head home.

Goodbye our little sweetness.


  1. How wonderful is that?! Very wonderful indeed! We are thrilled for Miss Addy especially since our Mama kinda fell in love with her...those eyes...that plush coat...her obvious sweetness...Please keep us posted... we want proof of a happily ever after!! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. oh LM- wonderful news !!! a space to call her own...sounds like a nice guy too ... please share Miss Addy's updates with us ! Looking forward to hearing all about your next adventure with kitties !!

  3. Happy news: Miss Addy blossomed in your home in a short time - give yourselves credit for your caring & efforts- and everything worked out perfectly for her, her adopters. We'd love to hear updates. She is a love, congrats on her happy new furever home.

  4. so very wonderful. Congratulations to Addy's new people