Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I went out for a lunch break today at the office and came back to discover that there was an adoption enquiry for Miss Addy!

It is a young man and he's never had a cat before; but he's evidently had lots of exposure as his longtime girlfriend has a cat. It would be just he and Addy living together and he's already assured me that he's home a great deal of the time AND that he understands full well, she will need time to adjust to him and new surroundings yet again. He sounds very nice, very responsible (he's a graduate student with his own home and car), and best of all, his response when I asked him his desire to adopt such an older cat as a first cat - "Because I know that kitties at Addy's age are very often overlooked for adoption and I'd like a mature, quiet kitty to have as a friend" was seriously admirable.

The appointment is arranged for Saturday morning - wish us luck. My fear is that Addy will be too nervous or that because he is a male, she will just be way too fearful to even let him near her. I can't gage her reaction and I won't know for certain if this is a fit, until like every other time, I see them together and ask myself whether this person would make a good Dad for our little bumblebee.

Steve has been working with her to help her overcome her fear of men and help her to see that not all are bad.......let's hope if this potential adopter is seriously interested and wants to adopt her, that Miss Addy will be on board.


  1. Our fingers are crossed that this is the right fit! Addy deserves a special and permanent forever home! Keep us posted!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. Hopefully all goes well and Addy gets to move into her furrever home. Good luck!