Thursday, June 12, 2014


Cocoa has turned out to be one of those fosters that makes it seem as though she's been here forever. After only 4 days, her acclimation into our home as been nothing short of amazing and if it weren't for the serious growling she's still doing at Rocky when he gets too close (there's no love loss there at this point), I would seriously find it hard to believe that I haven't been fostering this little girl for much longer.

She was only quarantined in her guest room 1 night............having been in a pet store for the last little while and knowing that her URI had come and gone long ago, I knew the chance of there being any risk to our boys was very low. She did AMAZING that first night, and although I've been placing her back in her guestroom during the day while we're at work, she's had free run of the whole house every night, tried to sleep with us on Night #2 and last night slept all night in our room in a cat bed without a peep of any kind!!

As I type this, she's downstairs snuggled up against hubby on the sofa watching a movie. She is a DOLL, a complete and utter little sweetheart who we both can't understand how anyone could have abandoned her. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, is so well behaved and affectionate!

I submitted her pictures and bio this evening to the rescue. There was apart of me that toyed with the idea of holding off for afew weeks since she's so happy as are we, but that's not fair to her because she deserves her happily ever after and I'm not going down that attachment road. The sooner we can find her forever family, the sooner we can save another, and most important of all, the sooner I can put my eye back on the rescue ball - anything else is not an option.

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  1. Cocoa sure is a lovely gal ... praying she finds her fab forever home really soon !!!