Monday, January 20, 2014


We received the loveliest email from Sable's (now lovingly called Prem) new Mommy yesterday.............

I had mentioned previously how instantly we liked J and her Dad. How they are truly those "golden" adopters that every foster home wishes for prior to meeting a prospective family. It's not to say that we havent' met these kinds of people before because there have been countless of them in the 90+ kitties we've rescued and fostered, but somehow meeting them again just feels so refreshing like smiling and being able to let out a huge sigh of relief when you just know that this is going to be "okay". Them and so many others we've had the pleasure of welcoming into our home, have been those that you almost wish you could clone *L*, or use as poster adopters so that others considering the same thing, would really understand the importance of it all! To not be overly concerned or filled with anxiety at what really awaits your foster when they are being carried out of your home, is a difficult thing to wrestle with.

So sitting down yesterday afternoon to read the following, and to see our little girl looking so in her element, well it just (for the hundreth, thousandeth, millioneth time), reconfirmed why we do what we do, and why we'll keep doing it despite the mixed feelings that come with saying goodbye, or the anxiety's, stresses, and obstacles that come during fostering.

Things are really good with her still, we're slowly but surely finding our way into a routine. When I come home now she peeks around the corner into my little entrance way, sees me, does a big stretch which seamlessly turns into a flop on the ground. From there she does a combindation stretch and roll back and forth on her back from one side of her belly to the other. It's so cute! She usually hangs out, "talking" to me in the kitchen while I get dinner ready and then buggers off to sleep in my bedroom until well after I'm done the dishes and finally putting my feet up for the night. She comes to bed with me every night and for the past 2 nights has slept right up at the pillows against me, usually with a paw or her head against me.

Cuddles are frequent and obviously welcome. I'd say 9 times out of 10 when I'm sitting on the couch she's on my lap in some capacity - sometimes wedged against me, balancing on my leg, or half on me half on the couch (which really doesn't look comfortable, but who am I to judge?). A lot of the loving and pats are still on her terms which is understandbale. You'll see a picture of her on a green ottoman, a new favourite place of hers. When she's on there she's not thrilled about unsolicited pats. The odd time I can get a couple strokes in under her chin, but that's it and that's totally fine, it's only been a week. I'm already shocked at how much progress has been made, no need to rush it!


  1. Aren't happy endings wonderful? Fantastic.
    xo Catherine

    1. So deliciously fantastic to hear and see "Prem" doing so well ... and so loved !!

  2. Have a wonderful happily ever after sweet Prem!

    the critters in the cottage xo