Monday, January 13, 2014


One week and one day later, Sable is in her new pink soft carrier, headed home with her AMAZING new forever Mommy to be spoiled rotten as an only kitty!!!!!

I have to say that that was without a doubt, this was one of the easiest meet n' greet/adoptions that we have ever done. This young lady and her Dad who accompanied her, were just top notch individuals - HUGE animal lovers AND just all around lovely, lovely people. In my book, they are the "dream" adopters - the ones you wish for at every meeting.

Sable's new Mom just fell in love with her (who could not), and was quite adament that they would be become good friends and that Sable was just the little companion she had been searching for. I have to say that tonight, I will have no anxiousness or concern for our little girl's welfare - she is going to be that well cared for!

Already, I'm setting my sights on whose next. One guest checked out, on her way to forever happines..............another guest soon to be checked in.


  1. Fantastic news !! Congratulations to Sable on her new wonderful forever home ... we are so looking forward to hearing about your next guest !!

  2. That WAS fast! And it sounds as though Sable will be one spoiled princess. Hooray!

    the critters in the cottage xo