Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Everyone here is doing really well!  Magnum's new family was over for a short visit last night just before they head out on holiday.  Their 11 yr old son and he were bonding over a plethra of toys and seemed to get along famously already - which is excellent because it means that our boy won't suffer anxiety to be around a little person.

I just shot these next photos, and although it may appear that everyone is happily co-sharing space, this lineup didn't come without it's fair share of jockeying for positions.  There was even abit of swatting between Magnum and Silly as they settled in face to face................Magnum didn't seem to appreciate the closeness this time, and Silly is quite peeved that he didn't just get down altogether.

Ahhhhhh. boys will be boys :) :)

*Silly Thinks*: Geez I can't wait until you're gone!


  1. Great photos!...Thank you guys so much for being the wonderful safe haven hotel for kitties=such a selfless, loving way to live and we are honored to be your new followers!...YAY for Magnum and his new family, although in the moment, I can't imagine how difficult it is to actually let these precious babies go=they are all very lucky to have found your lovely home and huge hearts on their way to their forever homes...big hugs, new friends...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

    1. Thank you for joining as a follower and for your lovely comments! I'm so appreciative of those who join us on our journey, for those that visit and for all of you to take the time to leave comments!

  2. It's really great news that Magnum and a boy seemed to get along well! I hope they will have lots of fun playing together.
    These pictures are very cute. But I boys have to exchange some whaps before settling down nicely :-)

  3. So glad they had that time before the move.. it will help Magnum feel more comfortable when he goes..

  4. Thank cod there are three sections on that couch!

  5. I'm fostering a couple of newcomers, so I know that situation. Heck, it exists with my perma-cats, who've known each other for years!