Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Magnum has been with us a month now - how time flies!  We trimmed his back toes this past weekend (he was starting to click across the hardwood - never a good sign) and he did pretty well patience wise.

Our two boys just looooooooovvvvvve catnip, so every once in a while I take out abit of dried and let them get deliriously happy for a litttle bit.  Magnum doesn't seem to realize the big deal and wasn't overly interested in his portion, but once he saw how happy it made Rocky & Silly, he tried to groom them both in their moments of weakness!  Neither of them of course were that far gone that they relented (much to Magnum's disappointment), but it's just another indication of how much he likes other cats and how much he'd love to be their friend.

He's gotten so settled in here that now every day when I come home from work, he races up the stairs ahead of me to join me while I switch from my work clothes into something more comfy.................he takes this opportunity to roll around on the bed, head butt me (have I mentioned he's got quite abit of force in that head butt!), and then proceeds to lay down purring incredibly loudly while I chat to him and put things away.

Now I just have to hope that someone will look past the colour of his coat and come out to meet him.  We had neighours drop by last night and he was SO affectionate and friendly with I know once he's introduced, he's going to knock a potential adopter/s socks right off.

One Handsome Fella!!


  1. what a handsome house panther.....if mom had room (and we don't), she says the house would be full of them :)

  2. Magnum is going to make a wonderful addition to his furrever family! :)

  3. He sounds so purrfect in every way! Magnum! We know your loving forever family is out there and they will see you for what you are...a beautiful house panther!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. I do hope his people hurry up and find him! Sometimes the right people take a while because they aren't ready for a kitty at the moment..

  5. Magnum is so sweet! I love kitty head butts, especially the strong ones :-) His future forever family will be very lucky to have him!

  6. Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job loving him until the right adopters come along. I hope it's soon. I don't understand why people turn away from black cats.... but then we have some very sweet all white cats who have been waiting at PAWS for many months...