Monday, August 19, 2013


During the course of having breakfast yesterday morning, I noticed that one of Silly's ears appeared to have a lump on the top of it.  It wasn't there the day before, so I tried to get a little closer to have a look.  Sure enough, it was a lump and and once hubby was up and out of bed, I got him to hold our boy, while I examined it (gingerley of course).

Sure enough, there was something there, a very nasty something, and even with a gentle touch it was quickly apparent that it was very sore and already expressing (I'll spare you all the gory details).  Since it was Sunday, our vet was closed but I'm just waiting for them to open this morning and will obtain an appointment for today.

This morning the bump is larger and looks alot nastier but I'm not sure if it was something that got into the house that stung him (a wasp perhaps?) OR if the boys were rough housing and someone bit him?  Regardless, I've been worried not only about what the heck it is but how much pain he must be in because as surely as I'm sitting here, that thing has got to be throbbing.

It's at times like these when I realize what a horrible Mom I am.  I worry instantly and really can't relax until the problem has been dealt with and I at least know what I'm up against.  Can you imagine if I had had human children?.....................I'd be running them to the doctor for the least little thing! 

Hopefully some antibiotics will clear this right up and they won't have to do anything too unpleasant to our Sylvester to make it go away :(


  1. We're sure it will turn out to be nothing and an easy fix.

    To be honest the woman says that having children is pretty much the same. However the more children you have the less you worry. For example baby #3 managed to eat some charcoal a few months back. The woman simply washed the baby and gave her a drink. If that had been baby #1 the woman would have gone to the hospital.

    1. I'm one of 8 kids myself so I'm sure I've seen some of that growing up! *L* But thanks so much reassuring me that all will be well. :))

  2. poor boy....hopefully just an abcess that they can clean out (we have seen them here - gross but easy fix)

  3. LM - don't beat yourself up ... it will be OK. You are a fab mom !

  4. oh hush up, you are an AWESOME mom.. if you didn't stress over an injury THEN you can call yourself a horrid mom..

    so there!