Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The rescue we work with had this poster advertised, and I was so captivated by it.  Then I overheard someone talking to another person about how they wished that they could make a real impact in this world, really make a difference, before their time is through.  So outspoken me, I called the person over and asked them what they thought of this.  They looked at me a moment and said, what?  So I replied, don't you see the kitten, to which they said, yeah so?   And I went on to say that here was one way I knew of that they could help..............and they answered, it's a cat.  They went onto say that their idea of being involved isn't about saving smelly cats.

To which I replied, well one thing's for sure.................and they asked, what's that?  I answered, rescues and shelters will never go out of business as long as people like you walk this earth.  I then dismissed them with my actions as if they weren't even there to begin with.

I know this is preaching to the choir here, but seriously I ask you...............WHO could see this ad or worse yet, see a kitten or cat just like this one on their street, in their neighbourhood, at their workplace, WHEREVER - and not want to help?! 

I'm ashamed to admit it but these types of interactions drive me to judge people like this, to think horrible thoughts about them, and to instantly dislike them.  I may seem or sound naive, but I just can't imagine the heart that looks at this and sees nothing.

Can you?


  1. I totally understand your rant! Sadly there are those people who will never ever understand love for animals.
    Good news is that there are many people like you who care and help homeless animals, and love animals as precious family member :-)

  2. While I understand that fostering isn't for everyone, those people could have had more tact in their response.

  3. I'm afraid I would have had much the same response as yourself. The Paw Reation's Human.

  4. OMG.. seriously? some people have absolutely no tact. So what if they out and out hate cats for what ever reason, that was just a mean and cruel thing for them to say and frankly you gave them a better reaction than they deserved.

    smelly.. *walks off mumbling something about stupid people not appreciating that good kitteny smell*

  5. such a sad pathetic person to make such a nasty mean-spirited comment. the world is full of sad sorry people such as this one.