Thursday, November 3, 2011


This coming weekend is the three week mark since Flossy arrived. I hope everyone will take a moment to compare some of her earlier photos to the one above taken just now - we see the light and so we wanted to share.

I have spent many, many hours with this little girl over that timeframe. Not only to care for her as she has battled against this virus, but also in an effort to gain her trust, and to pour out as much love and tenderness upon her as she would be willing to receive, in the hopes that some of the horrible damage that has been done as a result of her being abandoned on the streets, could be healed.

There is one thing that I can tell you for certain at this point - this tiny, angel who was so ravaged when one of our fellow volunteers first saw her those few weeks ago under a car (and thought she was a dying cat) - and who has been one of the sickest foster kitties we have ever cared for, is not only an amazingly tender and gentle little soul, but she is also a survivor and a fighter.

Flossy has reminded me once more why I love fostering so much..........there is no greater feeling than the one that comes when you see an animal beginning to trust you and when you can somehow feel the thankfulness they exude as you care for them and the barriers begin to come away - slowly perhaps at first; but they do come.


  1. It's all so pure, isn't it. Pure need, pure trust, pure love.

  2. she is blooming !! What a gorgeous little spirit.