Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yesterday Flossy was admitted to one of the animal hospitals that the rescue is affiliated with. We were concerned that after three weeks, her upper respiratory infection although somewhat better, had not completely lifted, and as well, there was an extremely strong pungent odour coming from her mouth that we felt needed to be addressed as well.

The vet indicated that our little girl is very dehydrated and also that she has advanced gum disease and tooth decay. The dehydration is what is holding her back from fully recovering from the URI, and because she is also battling the infection in her mouth, her body is having to work extra hard to fight two infections.

Monday she will have most (if not all) of her teeth extracted. She will then be on a course of antibiotics and will be on a strictly wet diet for a number of days as her mouth heals. The great news in all of this is that Flossy has tested negative for FIV, so that is something to rejoice over!

We miss her dearly and I keep going by her room wishing she was there for me to visit with. I pray that she comes through the surgery fine and that there are no further complications - the vet seemed confidant that the combination of drugs, hydration and removal of her teeth will help greatly to have her on the real road back to recovery.

This darling has been through so much - my heart is full of sadness as I think upon all that she has to endure in the first 5 years of life.........


  1. I'm sorry she is going thru this. My Lily, white cat, also had to have all her teeth extracted from lack of nutrition and infection. We adopted her from a terrible situation 10 years ago. She was only a week on strictly soft food and then she started eating the hard that was put out for the others. She had been fine since and very healthy. She is a darling cat and full of love. We are so happy to have saved her from a horrible life. I wish Flossy well and I think you will see a big change in her once she heals. Good luck. Deb

  2. we are all praying for Flossy's recovery, she is a trooper !