Sunday, August 28, 2011


It's been a little bit of an adjustment for Red to settle into life indoors; we've had abit of crying and pacing, mostly as the evenings start to fall and it appers he gets abit antsy and can't quite figure out why he can't be outside roaming and investigating as he has. He seems to settle down quite abit if we simply shut the windows (boy it's given us a whole new appreciation for what that night air can do to a guy).........and he seems to be abit better every day.

With us just over a week now, I have relished in every moment of realizing and reminding myself that he is now indoors and safe. I still find myself looking for him the morning's as we leave for work in the car and make our way down the street - funny how those habits take some time to break after months of doing it every day. There's also been a little bit of guilt as I've worried over whether he's truly happy inside or whether somehow he feels deafeated. I'm so thankful for the small ways in which it's been affirmed to us that we did the right thing - one being the picture below which just melted my own heart, the other being his having gotten right up in my lap this morning and curled deep down for a sleep there all the while purring up a storm.

Then there's this one..........doesn't he just look incredibly handsome and so at home?


  1. such a gorgeous kitty !! Don't EVER feel guilty that Red cannot go out of doors in the evening; you have saved his life and given him hope !

  2. You're killing me with the orange kitty pix!

  3. one can NEVER have enough gorgeous orange kitty pix !! LOL

  4. Red is beautiful....and you're keeping him alive and safe indoors. He'll adjust and stop the crying and pacing once he realizes he's not going out anymore, just might take a bit of time (and patience!).