Saturday, September 3, 2011


I got an email earlier this week that indicated there was someone interested in meeting Farley. Except for another enquiry that had come through just the week prior to this one, there hadn't been any interest in our big boy for at least a couple of months. I knew deep in my heart that eventually his forever home would come for him because I do sincerely believe that there is one for every kitty rescued, but I was abit nervous as I typed an email to the interested party, wondering if this could really be them.

They replied to my initial contact almost immediately, and I learned that it was two sisters who had recently lost their beloved companion and were hoping that Farley was going to be their new friend. We arranged a meeting for the next evening and when they arrived, the honest to goodness truth of it is that I liked them instantly! They asked all the right questions, I learned that they had already purchased Farley's current food for him (which is weight reduction I might add and not of the cheap variety), and that they were very experienced cat owners. They loved him on sight and after a visit that lasted about an hour or so, we agreed that they should take him to his new forever home right then as opposed to waiting the 24 hour "cooling off period" that the rescue normally likes to implement.

I don't know that I'll ever become accustomed to just how fast an adoption can take place when the right people step forward to offer your foster a forever home. But in many ways I'm extremely grateful for the speed with which it happens - it somehow helps to ease the sadness that comes with bidding one goodbye. The next morning was especially strange as I awoke and realized that Farley was really gone, I found myself listening for him to come to the food bowl as I laid out breakfast; but there is also the sweetness in knowing that his future is safe, and bright, and full of hope. Already I've learned that he's doing wonderfully and that his new family loves him dearly in just a few short days.

Six months we were together and I wouldn't have traded a single moment of any of that time. He will always be my friend and I will always be here for him if he should ever need me again............someday, somewhere, I'm positive that we will see each other once more.


  1. What a happy future for Farley !!

  2. Hooray for Farley! Bless you for taking care of him and cherishing every special day he was with you. So glad it was a mutual perfect match.