Monday, August 8, 2011


Calvin & Clarence didn't get adopted this weekend at the adopt-a-thon as we had hoped, but they have been moved to a new foster home where they are the only kitties and already we're getting reports of them having a ball! Their moving on to another home has been hard and we do miss them but it's also provided some much needed relief in terms of how many kitties are in the house and how stressed everyone is as a result.

Bella is also doing really, really well - she's been with us a week tomorrow; how quickly time passes and how amazing it is that only 7 short days ago she was spending her nights outdoors alone, preparing for all the scary aspects of being a Mother and now............well see for yourself, now she's just soaking up every last little bit of love that's coming her way and settling in so nicely - our baby girl.

I think my little Miss Remy would highly approve of the first female to grace our home since her passing in 2004.

**The blanket that Bella is laying on was made by a wonderful friend in Utah who gave me a kitty cat quilt last year for Christmas - she made it entrely by hand; I can't wait to share with her what a wonderful use it's come to**

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