Saturday, December 4, 2010


Buster's stay with us is now into its second week. He's a great cat overall, quiet, low maintenance, easy to handle (he actually loves to be picked up and kissed), and has excellent litterbox and eating habits - always mucho importante when it's your foster's first few days or weeks, and you still hold your breath a little as you evaluate him or her, hoping that physically there will be no major signs of distress or suffering from previous mistreatment.

We are however experiencing some interesting "habits" with Buster that we weren't totally prepared for. It would appear that he's taken a real liking to hubby and I, so much so that it would seem he really wants to um.....uh.....hmmmm....display affection toward us in the not so common manner of - okay I'll say it, humping. Yes our latest houseguest loves to climb up on the bed after we've gotten settled or in some cases, are sound asleep, and proceed to hump our legs (or get "jazzy" as my better half strangely refers to it). We're hoping that we can either A) break him of the habit or B) that he'll grow tired of exhibiting such affection and be content with the old snuggle routine instead. There is a slim chance that it could be medically related to something else, but for now we'll monitor it and see how things go.

Great news in the strides department is that he slept on our bed this afternoon for hours, for the very first time.........the above picture captures pretty well I think, just what an adorable picture that made for. The better news is that so far, he and Rocky are still "working things out" and noone has been injured or maimed - yet! *L*

Never a dull moment at The Safe Haven Hotel.......:))


  1. I have a faux fur throw on our bed and my (neutered) cat Archie loves to get amourous with it. So, occasionaly we get "humped" I think just because we happen to be there, but we are not the main target.

  2. never heard of this before ... very unique and kinda cute !!

  3. Hi, Carolyn the volunteer driver here. I love reading your blog and was very happy to read about Rascal's progress and adoption. He looked and behaved so much like my foster baby Eclipse.Tey both like to suckle on blankets.
    Eclipse sometimes gets "Jazzy'd" by my two male (!) cats who are trying to show dominance, so I've been told. And on my bed too! Makes no sense, they're all neutered, but disconcerting to watch. I think Buster's just looking for a warm "substitute" lol. Dogs do the same...

  4. Thank you for doing this work. I tend to rescue cats and have three right now... one of whom is battling cancer. If i weren't trying to offer my sick little baby a stress-free environment, I would certainly take in a rescue on this cold cold night.